Jack is doing really well. He is really smart, but you can tell he is just as stubborn when he wants to be. Four more weeks of puppy school
before he moves into the next stage of lessons. I don’t know how many people have stopped us and wanted to know where we got him from. The
common comment with everyone is how good he looks. And I always try to let them know how healthy he is.

How are you and your family? Lola is doing great! OMG- that girl has so much personality! She loves meeting new people and loves when we take her out. We took her to River Street (in Savannah) last weekend to Tubby’s Restaurant and she loved it! They even gave her a bowl of water! People there stopped by to meet her and to even take pictures with her! She thinks she’s a celebrity! I always mention that we got her from you guys when they ask where I got her. It’s so funny because when we were walking back to the car, someone yelled out, Oh there’s Lola!, LOL! She’s famous!

Thank you so much for Rosa! She is an absolute joy! She is 17 weeks old and went to the vet for shots yesterday for shots and the vet said
she is PERFECT! The vet carried her around the office and refused to put her down. With some coaxing, she finally passed her off to the
rest of the office staff. 🙂 They fell in love with her- and who can blame them? She has gorgeous markings and the best personality! She is
so smart and learned to sit after one day of training. You have done a FABULOUS job with Rosa! We cannot thank you enough! You have been
wonderful since the 1st day we contacted you. You answered every question that we’ve had (and we had a lot). Thank you for your hard work and all of the sleepless nights.you put into making Rosa such a beautiful and perfect baby. We hope you keep breeding beautiful Lab babies for years to come.
Talk to you soon!

Just wanted to let you know our little guy Maxi is doing great. He’s healthy and happy and has become the neighborhood rockstar. I cannot
get 10 feet from my door without people stopping to pet him and shower him with love….and the ham that he is loves every moment. Thanks so
much for a great experience finding a quality Labrador puppy. I will recommend

Thank you for selling us such a great puppy! My wife and I have had her for about a month now and she is fitting in perfectly. She’s such a spunky little thing and we haven’t had any problems. I’ll send you some more pictures of our little girl next month. Bob

We bought a puppy from you guys at the end of July. I was so excited because I had always wanted a Lab, but was told numerous times that they are expensive. Labrador price is beyond reasonable compared to what other breeders charge and in the
end what you receive, which is a wonderful, adorable and healthy dog. Terry is so smart and such a great companion. ! Thanks again!

Hi everyone, thank you for giving us the opportunity to puchase Leslie, we renamed her Maggie. She is a great around our kids
and gets along very well with our cat and dog, thanks again and please let us know when your next litter will be available. Freddy

Greetings from me and the King. I just want to thank you for the most beautiful and wonderful Lab ever. He is the man. Austin has been
adventuring, visiting his adoring public around the apartment complex, and even visiting my coworkers. One lady who works with me has a
Labrador as well so we have planned a playdate for Austin and Tater her dog. Everyone thinks Austin is beautiful, handsome, manly,
and fantastic and he proudly swaggers everywhere he goes making sure to stop at the porch of each person in the apartment complex that he
knows comes out and pets him.